20th century classic car

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Wheels that made history

Ford Model T to the Aston Martin DB5 through Hummer and Beetles

Henry Ford has set in motion the car was the first car produced in series in 1908: the Ford Model T. In the twentieth century this medium has evolved since the carts drawn by horses snorting, through exaggerated fins up to become a stylish status symbol full of sparkling decorations on the hood. Initially a novelty for a few, the car has become a necessary asset of the modern era, and a means of freedom “on the road”.

20th Century Classic Cars offers a seductive story for car images, divided for decades, through more than 400 advertising images belonging to the Jim Heimann Collection. Leveraging the imagery produced by a century of automobile advertising, this book traces the evolution of the medium, from the engine to the missile on four wheels chariot – and beyond. With an introduction and a text Phil Patton, who writes of engines for the New York Times, and an illustrated timeline, this volume reviews the technological innovations, major manufacturers, dealers, historical events and how culture popular has influenced the design of the cars. Traveling back and forth in the Age car thanks to a collection that will put you in the driving seat. TASCHEN a classic now in a new format and an irresistible price!

The curator:
Cultural anthropologist and historian Jim Heimann design, is chief editor of TASCHEN America, and author of numerous books on architecture, pop culture, and history of the West Coast, Los Angeles and Hollywood. Its unrivaled collection of ephemera has been exhibited in museums around the world and has been the subject of dozens of books.

The author:
Phil Patton writes about car design for The New York Times and collaborates with the magazine ID. He was a consultant for the Curves of Steel exhibitions: Streamlined Automobile Design – held at the Phoenix Art Museum – and Different Roads: Automobiles for the Next Century – at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

592 pages, cm 15,1 x 19,5.

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