Mr. Mitchumm himself! – Boss, Designer and Art Directormitchumm2

Alex Mitchumm (b.1983), Mitchumm Ind. Creative Director since 2006 mix a deeply felt passion for the ’70s with a continuing desire  for testing and research to recreate the Californian way of life, add a pinch of craziness,  irreverent colors and prints and you’ll obtain the Mitchumm Industries collections.  The best way to draw him is a cigar between the lips, an excellent glass of Bourbon, a ride on an old custom Cafe Racer, a passion for tattoos, for pin up girls and the happy-go-lucky imaginary atmosphere of the era when the brand was founded.He is a “rude rider”;  he conveys the enthusiasm and sense of freedom that come only during a good motorcycle riding,  where emotions, hopes and dreams alternate, maybe during a long journey through the spectacular Swiss Alps.

web2Annalise Fugazza – Web Manager & Graphic Designer

After the bachelor in Graphic Design & Art Direction at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan, she has worked few years for some graphic and advertising agencies.
A natural behavior to creativity and freedom, which doesn’t fit a job behind a desk, leads her to change her life while still working as a freelance for website management and graphic projects.
Now it’s easier to find her in a pair of rubber rain-boots with a huge smile on her face while working in her country house filled with animals, where she runs a Bed & Breakfast.

tommyMr. T (Tommaso Tino) – Art Director & Graphic Designer

Hey hey! Mitchumm ind. since 2006; art director and graphic designer for the team. Rider and lover, rude and polite; a really open-minded guy in love for vintage and classic style. He would love to have a friend like him to do more crazy and stupid stuff at the same time. Yeah!

garboG.A.R.B.O. – Press & Pr
info@garbo.biz http://www.garbo.biz/

G.A.R.B.O. is located in Milan’s historical neighborhood called “Porta Romana”, the early 900’s building was originally an umbrella manufacturing warehouse. G.A.R.B.O. could simply be translated to English as “Tact”, but it is more than that, it is an evocative term that encompasses many different meanings such as grace and sophistication, belle époque and new wave. G.A.R.B.O. represents an elegant behavior and is a synonym of courtesy and kindness. G.A.R.B.O. , born from the partnership of Roberta Sarchi and Ilaria Soldini operates mainly in the fashion Press & PR industry. G.A.R.B.O. offers both a reliable and state of the art service package to established companies, while still introducing up and coming designers to the most influential media.

bimbaBimba – Mascotte and couch warmer

instagram: #bimbathedog

Born in March 2013, mix of unknown breeds due to the fact she was found abandoned in a wood with her brother, she is the spoiled princess of Mitchumm’s house. No interdictions to sofas, beds, armchairs and pillows. Gets along with every person, dog, cat, horse, goat she meets, but you better keep your rabbit away from her (run bunny, run!). If you come visit us at our Headquarter don’t miss your chance to pet her.
Bonbons will be much appreciated. Bau.