Avere la Barba – Respiro, shampoo for beards

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A beard shampoo inspired by breath of plants. Breath is life both for nature and for people. This special soap will help you breathe again. Shampoo with scent of nature.
50ml of shampoo that cleanses without irritating the beard, it restores the moisture balance of the skin and hairy structure. Designed for your beard.

50 ml of distillate of a complex selected of fresh herbs composed of different types of chicory.
This is combined with a shampoo detergent at physiological pH.

At first it comes with a bitter and strong flavor, given by natural processing of different types of chicory, once rinsed this vanishes leaving only a clean feeling. As if the skin breathe.

How to use:
It cleans deeply producing a light foam; apply shampoo on lengths, leave for a few minutes and then rinse. No more than once a day.

Wooden cap handmade by the guys of ‘Avere la Barba’. People with beards who love the beard.

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