A bunch of italian guys having fun in what they do.

We have an history but we keep on moving towards future and its challenges.

It's all about making beautiful and comfortable clothes for you, my friend. Creating something cool and fresh every day.


Mitchumm Industries, the brand with palm trees, a tribute to California and the American actor Robert Mitchum, was born in 1976 on the West Coast in Manhattan Beach, near Los Angeles.
Here the brand began a production of T-shirts and bathing suits printed with exclusive and colorful designs, inspired by the typical Californian sports such as surf, windsurf, mountain bike and beach volley.

Mitchumm Industries is a unique and exclusive brand with a non- conformist spirit, characterized by an innate elegance and a typical “American hipster” taste revisited with a special Italian touch.
The brand’s success was immediate and within a few seasons it was imported also in Italy, on Lake Como, where the collection has expanded thanks to the inclusion of shirts and various accessories. Today the Mitchumm Industries flagship store is in Como.

In 2006 the meeting between Alex Mitchumm, class 1983 (son of Daniel, the creator of Mitchumm Ind.), and the brand was explosive thanks to its extraordinary spontaneity. Today Mitchumm Ind. is an Italian brand embodying an American style with a cosmopolitan touch that makes it international.

Mitchumm Industries is “Made in Italy” form the creative step to the production, but with a look always directed to the United States.

Along the years the brand has wisely conjugated tradition and innovation creating looks and accessories characterized by original and impactful colors, tailored with the best fabrics, both for texture and for prints, strictly made in Italy.

The young Alex Mitchumm, Art Director of the brand, wanted to experience a stimulating blend of tradition and originality, and put into play the security of a brand that for over thirty years has had its own strong identity.

Today Mitchumm Industries is a total look brand that also includes accessories such as ties, bow ties, scarves and braces.
Mitchumm Industries is international and is distributed throughout Italy, Europe, Asia and Japan in selected multi-brand store.